Loft Law

We represent individual tenants and tenant groups in obtaining coverage under the Loft Law, adjusting the legal rent and recovering overcharges, guiding them through the legalization process, and through transition into rent stabilization.

Real Estate Litigation

We offer a broad range of real estate litigation representation, providing defense to residential and commercial tenants in landlord-tenant disputes and eviction proceedings, representing individual owners or Boards in condominium or cooperative disputes, defending property owners from foreclosure, seeking remedies for nuisance, and litigating complex land use matters.

Real Estate Transactions

Our firm is well versed in residential and commercial real estate transactions, from the simple to the complex. We represent purchasers and sellers in sales of homes, condominiums, or cooperatives. We handle negotiation of complex commercial leases. We provide real estate development representation — handling conversion of property to condominium or cooperative status through the filing of an offering plan or request for a no-action letter from the New York State Attorney General.

Trusts and Estates

Ween & Kozek offers trusts and estates representation, drafting and handling execution of wills, trusts, living wills, and health care proxies. We offer advice on estate planning, and handle representation of estates through the probate and administration processes. 

Business Litigation

From complex business disputes to commercial transactions gone awry, we work with clients to pursue outcomes and solutions that are forceful, swift, and cost-effective. Our formula of inventive legal reasoning, courtroom competency, strategic leveraging, and responsive action is how we achieve that end.  We manage emerging disputes from A to Z and regularly represent clients in pre-litigation settlement efforts, arbitrations, and all stages of business litigation and appeals. Our attorneys are conversant in the nuances and finer points of business law that are often instrumental in securing a litigation victory. 

Business Transactions and Counseling

We strive to ensure our business clients are always set up for success. Our business practice is highly customized and always accounts for the specific long and short term goals unique to each business client in a given scenario. We handle the full range of transactions and counseling services that our clients require with respect to internal business operations, third parties, and compliance with obligations imposed by government.

Art and Media

Ween & Kozek has been providing legal services to the artist community for decades, providing “one stop shop” representation to fine artists in connection with artwork transactions, artist-dealer relations, and tax and estate planning, including advisement on issues specific to private foundations and other nonprofits. In addition to working with artists, the firm offers a comprehensive suite of legal services specially geared toward business clients in creative industries spanning the gamut of media, from film production to publishing to interactive media. We also handle all facets of intellectual property management and enforcement, from complex licensing agreements to copyright and trademark infringement litigation.

Employment Litigation

We handle all facets of employment and labor litigation, arbitration, and administrative actions. Workers of all types, regardless of their classification as employees or “independent contractors,” are afforded rights under city, state, and federal law. We regularly represent all types of workers who have been aggrieved or cheated in their employment situations. At other times, we represent employers in enforcing or protecting their own rights or defending against frivolous claims. The breadth of the firm’s employment litigation practice enables our attorneys to approach each situation with a comprehensive understanding of the competing interests and practical complexities at hand.

Employment Transactions and Counseling

We offer advisement and representation on all matters of employment and labor law. We work with businesses as "outside in-house counsel" to implement the right employment policies, draft agreements, ensure legal compliance, and make appropriate judgment calls in tough situations. When it comes to negotiating employment relationships, collective bargaining agreements, or employment separations, we represent both employer and employee clients, and focus on tactfully navigating these transactions in order to secure optimal outcomes through constructive collaboration and deliberate bargaining.

Civil Rights

We represent clients from all walks of life who have been victims of discrimination, police misconduct, and other unlawful acts, policies, or practices that impinge on fundamental rights and freedoms. We work hard to achieve justice for all those who have been treated unfairly or wronged by the system designed to protect them, in violation of their civil rights.

Economic Justice 

Ween & Kozek's legacy was built on principles of social justice, including the notion that those who unfairly profit at the expense of others should be held accountable. If you’ve been a victim of consumer fraud, false advertising, predatory lending or debt collection practices, unfair business practices, or any other type of economic injustice, our attorneys have the skill and dedication required to help you right the wrong.

Ween & Kozek