Understanding Your Rent Stabilization Rights

Many tenants in New York City do not know if they are entitled to the rights and protections of rent stabilization laws. We can assist you in determining your status and protect your rights as a rent stabilized tenant.

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Rent Stabilization

Rent stabilization is a program in New York City that sets maximum rates for annual rent increases and entitles tenants to required services from their landlords. The rent guidelines board meets annually to determine how much future increases on the rents can be. If a landlord violates the guidelines, it could result in the reduction of a tenant’s rent.

There are a two ways for a building to be subject to rent stabilization. First, all buildings built before 1974 containing at least six residential units are rent stabilized. Second, newly built or renovated buildings that qualify for certain real estate tax benefits are also subject to rent stabilization so long as the property owners continues to receive such benefits.

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