Over 30 years ago, New York University and Oxford educated attorney, Jeffrey S. Ween began practicing law. One of his first cases was representing a group of business owners who were renting factory space in an industrial loft building in SoHo. Their landlord was attempting to evict them. Jeffrey S. Ween refused to allow that to happen, doggedly fighting for his clients’ rights. He won the case. It was a stunning and highly publicized triumph for tenants’ rights.

Jeffrey S. Ween became a renowned and fierce tenants’ rights lawyer who was instrumental in the enactment of the New York State Loft Law. In the 1980s, he played an important role in organizing tenants across the city and lobbying in support of the Loft Law which proved to be a vital tool for protecting residential tenants, including many artists who were illegally living in former factory buildings. He thereafter represented numerous tenants and tenant groups in obtaining protection and enforcing their rights under the Loft Law,  protecting tenants from eviction and securing their right to safe and affordable housing.

After years of working alongside Jeffrey S. Ween, Michael P. Kozek became his partner and together they founded Ween & Kozek. The practice has since grown from representation of tenants and artists to a broader based, full-service law practice that remains faithful to the traditions of Jeffrey S. Ween providing a range of services to our loyal client base, and offering personalized, high-caliber legal services to the steadfast, adventuresome, creative, and entrepreneurial inhabitants of New York City.

Ween & Kozek’s lawyers are dedicated to vigorous, ethical advocacy. We espouse a candid and sensible approach to legal counsel, embracing the ideal of collaboration in deal making, and developing potent dispute resolution strategies to resolve issues instead of going to litigation. However, when unavoidable or irreconcilable, we are undaunted advocates in the courtroom—passionate in our commitment to achieve the most favorable possible outcome for each and every client. We are guided by a combination of sophistication, muscle-flexing, and skillful legal creativity, which has resulted in precedent-setting changes in the law that continue to work to the benefit of our clients.

Ween & Kozek