Resolving Landlord/Tenant Disputes in New York City

Ween & Kozek, LLC has extensive experience securing effective results in landlord/tenant disputes. Throughout our firm’s history, we have built our practice in strongly advocating for tenants and seeking results that protect their best interest.

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Strong Advocates for New York City Tenants

In all landlord/tenant disputes, we are firmly on the side of tenants. We will be your strongest advocate as you seek to protect your rights as a tenant. Our attorneys handle all aspects of landlord/tenant law, including:

Whether you have received a lease violation notice from your landlord or are being forced to live in sub-standard conditions, our lawyers will work with you to protect your rights and ensure you are treated as well as you deserve. We have an in-depth understanding and extensive experience in resolving these disputes in and out of court. We seek to achieve favorable results for our clients at various levels of the New York State court system, including appeals.

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