Ween & Kozek applauds the New York State Legislature for passing a landmark paid family leave policy that, beginning in 2018, will mandate that most employers provide employees who’ve been employed for at least six months with three months of paid parental leave, regardless of the employee’s gender.

Ween & Kozek is very proud to be able to say that one of our Employment & Labor clients, The Nation Magazine, has been ahead of the curve in recognizing the critical importance of allowing new parents to bond with their babies through a paid family leave program. This past December, The Nation announced a six-year collective bargaining agreement with the NewsGuild of New York that surpasses the New York mandate, affording The Nation’s employees four months of paid parental leave. The recently-passed New York paid leave law, while commendable, is a floor and not a ceiling — The Nation has set a stunning example for all employers willing to go above and beyond to treat their workers with dignity and respect.

For more information about The Nation’s trailblazing paid family leave policy, click here.

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