zoningNew York City Land Use and Zoning Attorneys

Ween & Kozek, LLP represents residential and commercial clients in matter related to land use and zoning laws. Commercial and residential property owners in the process of making significant changes in the use or construction of their properties are responsible for proposing changes that are in compliance with the applicable land use and zoning laws.

Property Conversion

Converting commercial properties into residential properties has become an increasingly attractive option for property owners and tenants alike. We represent both owners and tenants involved in the conversion process and aim to assist clients in meeting all zoning and legalization requirements to protect their property rights and interests.

Zoning Laws Affecting Entrepreneurs

Zoning requirements are common issues for entrepreneurs planning to establish a new business. We work with our clients to determine the viability of their plans as they relate to current zoning requirements and assist them with navigating the administrative processes and interactions with the applicable agencies.

Zoning Violations

Ween & Kozek, LLP also represents individuals harmed or inconvenienced as a result of zoning violations. We assist clients in requesting inspections and reporting violations with the Department of Buildings and/or Department of Consumer Repairs as is appropriate.

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