yellowstone-injunctionDefending Your Rights Following a Notice to Cure

Tenants who receive a breach of lease notice or a notice to cure could be facing a brief 5-10 day window to respond to the notice before eviction proceedings begin. We can assist you in this crucial time period and ensure the protection of your rights.

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Notice to Cure

A “notice to cure” is a notice to a tenant that the tenant is in default of some obligation arising out of the lease. Rent regulated tenants must be served with a 10-day notice to cure prior to the commencement of a holdover proceeding for any alleged violation of a lease.

Yellowstone Injunctions

Securing a “Yellowstone” injunction is the first step toward resolving a tenant’s receipt of a notice to cure and protecting a tenant’s property rights. This type of injunction, if granted, will postpone eviction proceedings until the parties resolve the dispute.

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