injunctionsProtecting Your Rights Through the Use of Injunctions

Whether you are in a dispute with your landlord over an eviction threat or your neighbor is disturbing the peace, an injunction is a valuable tool for tenants looking to protect their property rights. An injunction is a court order commanding or preventing specific behavior by a landlord.

When to Seek an Injunction

A number of circumstances create the need for a tenant to seek an injunction. One of the most common situations is when a landlord threatens to terminate a tenant’s lease. In this situation, an injunction can be sought to protect the tenant from eviction until the court is able to review the facts and reach a decision. Such an injunction is often referred to as a Yellowstone injunction.

Another situation that may call for an injunction is when a neighbor — either residential or  commercial — interferes with a tenant’s enjoyment or use of his/her property. For example, an injunction could be sought to protect a tenant’s rights by preventing a noisy nightclub from playing loud music at all hours of the night.

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