eviction-attorneysPreserving the Rights of Tenants in Eviction Proceedings

At the law firm of Ween & Kozek, LLP, we are strong advocates for New York tenants. We have decades of experience in achieving favorable outcomes and are dedicated to providing tenants with the personal service and attention they deserve. Our lawyers have expertise in all elements of eviction proceedings.

Fighting for Tenants in Eviction Proceedings

If you are being threatened with eviction for any reason, you can rely on our highly skilled attorneys to protect your rights and interests as a tenant. We represent clients in a variety of eviction proceedings, including:

  • Tenant holdover proceedings
  • Non-payment of rent
  • Non-primary residence

In most cases, we will engage in negotiations with the landlord to reconcile any differences in lieu of litigation. However, many eviction proceedings ultimately lead to unpredictable litigation, where our decades of experience is a distinct advantage for our clients.

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