housing-discriminationNew York City Attorneys Protecting Tenants From Discrimination

There are numerous New York and federal laws prohibiting housing discrimination. These laws govern both property rental and property ownership and prohibits discrimination based upon an individual’s and/or family’s race, religion, age, disability or gender.

Failure to Accommodate

Landlords must accommodate individuals with disabilities. For example, if a tenant is blind and requires a seeing-eye dog to assist them, a andlord who has a no pet provision in its lease is required to make an exception for the blind tenant. Failure to make an accommodation that would not adversely impact other residents is in violation of both state and federal housing discrimination laws.

We assist persons with disabilities in seeking compensation for their pain, suffering and emotional distress occuring as a result of a failure to accommodate. In some cases, clients are able to recover compensation from the landlord to pay for their legal fees.

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