foreclosuresNew York Commercial & Residential Foreclosure Representation

At the law firm of Ween & Kozek, LLP, our attorneys have an excellent understanding of this developing area of the law. We have undergone extensive training in foreclosure law to provide our clients with up-to-date legal advice about foreclosures and their options in avoiding them.

Loan Workout Plans and Mortgage Modification

When a property unforseeably decreases in value, we negotiate on our clients’ behalf with banks and lenders to reduce payments or create a situation that renders the investment worthy of repayment. This renegotiation is often the most effective strategy for avoiding foreclosures.

In situations where renegotiation is not viable, we utilize a number of technical defenses to postpone any action taken by lenders against our clients. Often this strategy effectively provides distressed property owners with more time to devise an effective plan.

Commercial Foreclosures

Business foreclosures are very similar to residential foreclosures, however, business foreclosures require a series of court-mandated settlement conferences before a lender can actually attempt to foreclose.

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